Rules & Point Standings

2018 Year End Points Standings

2018 Year End Point Rules

  1. 1. CPHC Membership must be paid in full before points will be tabulated
  2. 2. Exhibitor must show to at least 75% (round up) of the judges where their particular classes are offered. [For example, if Novice Amateur Western Pleasure is offered under 10 judges, you must show to 8 to qualify. If Yearling Longe Line is only offered under 8 judges, you must show to 6 to qualify.]
  3. 3. Year End High Points to be awarded for each class with qualifying participation.
  4. 4. Year End High Point divisions to be awarded as follows: Youth W/T, Novice Youth, Youth 13 & Under, Youth 18 & Under, Novice Amateur, Am W/T, Amateur, Open Horse